Judy Bayne…She was only 48

I can not express the love and respect I have for her I wish I could have her back, but I can’t. She’s dead.   We were friends and lovers. I lived with her for months, even though I had my own place. I went home to feed and pet my cat, change clothes and pick up the mail every day or two. Her parents hated me.     Judy was happiest with one of her two cats on her lap. I loved those cats as well. And I loved her dearly.    How she died, I do not know, but my searches for her ended with the discovery of her obituary. She died 2 Feb 2008.    She lived a tortured life with a failed marriage and parents that always expected more of her than she could possibly give.    I remember when the day came that she had to put to sleep her beloved Siamese cat. Her parents were too busy to go with her, so I went along. Someone had to be there with her, I knew well that she would be in no shape to drive home. I could barely see through the tears myself.     After we got home, we drank beer and cried ourselves to sleep, woke up and cried still more for the loss of an innocent soul that had no concept of sin. Judy herself spent some 30 years in Health Care. Being one other of that ilk, I can say that while the rewards are many, the sorrows come unbidden and always unwelcome. We all have our flaws, but you can’t be all bad to dedicate your life’s work to the healing of others.Image    Again, I don’t know how or why she died, but the world is surely a colder place for me without her. I hope it didn’t hurt. I hope she can forgive me for not being there


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