The Bombing of Oklahoma City

I have to write this, because I lived through it and it changed my life forever. In years past, I would quit watching the news because the horrors the telecasters brought into my living room seemed too real. While those nightmares have faded over time, this one has not. I was directly touched by this singular act of a mad man, or men.     I was asleep at 9:00 A.M. having worked the late shift the night before and woke to the familiar sound of a helicopter. Then another and another. Something was going on. I turned on the news and every local channel was abuzz with the story of an explosion downtown. I knew not to go near. The call would come soon enough.       At the time I worked for Bill at a mobile x-ray company. The County Medical Examiner’s office was over ran with work to do and every body they took in had to be radiographed in it’s entirety. Some were just parts to be matched up later.    I am still bitter that four other companies were call in, but never came to help. So the three of us worked double shifts leaving one other to do our normal workload.    Towards the end I had to tell my coworkers to crank it down; these people were not fat, just bloated with postmortem gas. The films were coming out too dark.     I saw an eight year old boy, blond haired and looking as if he were asleep. I wanted to wake him up and tell him to go home. All I could was shut the darkroom door and weep.    The days went by and in the confusion of it all, fear and anxiety over another attack was all over the city. We did not know our enemy, their numbers, intent or what their cause was. It all made no sense.   The result: 168 dead plus another most forget to count…an unborn child.    Timothy McVey  waived his remaining appeals and walked off to die. Terry Nichols is slowly going mad in a cell for the rest of his life, I hope.   As for me, a few years later i moved into an apartment a block away from the site but never have gone to the museum there. I saw enough. I smelled it.     How can a man turn against women and children? What possible reason or sanity can lay behind such an act? In the face of such senseless horror I can only remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill. Keep a stiff upper lip.     How can we prevent another event such as this? I fear we can not. Mad men are just that. World War I started in a similar way, turning cousins against each other and the result was only the seeds sewn for another global war.   So as the Oklahoma City Bombing started the War on Terror, war after war has been waged and as of this date, I have little doubt that another is soon to follow.     I pray for the day when we can stop killing each other’s children.Image


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