How soon, how soon….

How soon the fools among us rush to seek what was had been found…….    . At end, no substance to behold, but tears upon  the ground.       The Darkness hides the bitter tears, the fog can stifle sobs….     Wrapped in a cloak against the fears, no solace can be found     . Of course, in sooth, I speak this well, this to is my story….   Mark this well, and seek the truth, for here I find Image no glory.                  No glory in the deeds once done, and few yet to be told.   No peace is found upon this earth, no calm before the storm..  I only mourn for days gone by, safe with the one so warm. Would had I powers to go back, our love would find no harm.      In all this Darkness, Damp and Dew I, pray a part to me to you….For any, every part of me you hold, is just the less that I grow old.


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