Days Long Gone; The Final Room

The world was once an endless buffet of pleasures and choices to be made. Then the gradual loss of my parents and old friends taught me the stark reality of the real illusion of that freedom. The loss and the reality that results comes slowly. The shock is too great to take in all at once. As the sun slowly rises, so does it set. I never will regain the loves I once took for granted; not in the least the most dear of all. What a fool I am. But how can an elder explain to a child that a puppy or kitten will grow old and die? What context can the child frame the concept in? And why does the moth flicker about so close to the flame? With every day so full of life, what room is there for death? At last, that room is found. The last room we will find. The room beyond all hopes and dreams; the room we pass alone. How unfair it is that we come into this world not alone, but pass beyond in solitude….or not? I one day will have the answer, but will not be then able to answer that question for you…


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