A few words about Ricky and Jane.

25 years ago Jane and Ricky met. Friends at the outset, an affair soon started. Both were lonely and the tragedy unfolded. Almost unbearable grief for them both. A child lost. A love lost. Ricky sat in the waiting room while it was done and took Jane home to cry to sleep.Illicit affair. Born of broken hearts. Wonderful joy shattered by the death of a child. No friendship lost, but the affair was over for them. They parted and are now strangers to one another. My Editor has a more detailed account of this story. But I wanted some mention of it to be told. If I can not wash the blood off my hands, I can at least confess my sins. I am Ricky. Murderer of my child. Abortion laws are such that such events are unchecked. Not outlawed, such events are not meant as a means of birth control.. Heartbreaks happen. And God asks why.


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