What a story. Reply please.

You dance through my shattered dreams,

And dance upon my Mother’s grave.

All in the world is not what seems,

The bitter dregs remain.

No happy ending can impart

No closing can remain.

I wish her well and wish her love,

But that must come from high above.

For all love lost and what remains,

We keep and know their hallowed names…..

So here is darkness, damp and dew….

A farther part, a gift from you…

No other part of you I hold;

My love for you is yet untold.


A poem I was reminded to write…

The evening shades with dimening hue
My glittering sight and thoughts of you.
Rest easy in your slumberd dreams,
The world is not all that it seems.
For soon all that you do desire,
Will rise from ashes of the fire.
Time is the fire in which we burn,
Like fallen branches left to learn….
Left to learn a world apart
A quaking leaf; a broken heart.